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Maths Exercices
Surface area of prisms

Prisms are 3-D polyedra with parallel, congruent bases.

The surface area of a prism is the total area of its faces.
If we break this prism into its parts we are going to have 2 bases (hexagons) and 6 lateral faces (rectangles) which make up the lateal area.

It is pretty easy to calculate their areas and then add them up.

Find the surface area of the rectangular prism:

Surface Area =2Aside+2Afront+2Atop

SA = 2·(12·18)+2·(18·40)+2·(12·40)=2832

The surface area is 2832 unit2

Find the surface area of the triangular prism in cm2


Atriangle== 100


Abase= 50·20=1000

SA= cm2