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Maths Exercices
Solving right triangles

To solve a triangle is equivalent to find unknown parts in terms of known parts.

We can use the Pythagorean theorem and properties of sines, cosines, and tangents to solve the triangle.

Solving right triangles when we know one side and one angle.

  1. Use a sine, a cosine or a tangent to find another side (whether you use a sine, cosine, or tangent depends on which side and angle you know).
  2. The Pythagorean theorem will give us the unknown side.
  3. Remember that the sum of the three angles equals 180º to find the third missing angle.

Solve the triangle showed:
1. b=8 and cos30º=8/c, then c=8/cos30º ; c= 9'24.
2. Using Pythagorean theorem a=4'62.
3. A=30º and C=90º, then B=180º-90º-30º ; B=60º.

The sides are 9'24, 8, 4'24 and the angles are 30º, 60º y 90º.

Solve the triangle







Note: Express the angles using only degrees (25º30' = 25.5º). Round off using only two figures.