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Maths Exercices

Algebra 1

Here is a list of all the skills students learn in algebra!
The skills are organized into categories, and you can click on any skill name to start practicing!

B.11. Evaluate variable expressions involving rational numbers

Ratios and proportions
C.1. Identify equivalent ratios
C.2. Equivalent ratios: fill in the missing number
C.3. Unit rates
C.4. Unit prices
C.5. Solve proportions
C.6. Solve proportions: word problems
C.7. Scale drawings and scale factors

D.1. Write a decimal as a percentage
D.2. Write a percentage as a decimal
D.3. Write a percentage as a fraction
D.4. Write a fraction as a percentage
D.5. Solve percent equations
D.6. Percent word problems
D.7. Percent of change
D.8. Percent of change: word problems
D.9. Percent of a number: tax, discount, and more
D.10. Find the percent: tax, discount, and more
D.11. Multi-step problems with percents

E.1. Convert rates and measurements: customary units
E.2. Convert rates and measurements: metric units
E.3. Unit prices with unit conversions
E.4. Precision
E.5. Greatest possible error
E.6. Minimum and maximum area
E.7. Minimum and maximum volume
E.8. Percent error

Coordinate graphs
G.1. Coordinate graph review
G.2. Midpoints
G.3. Distance between two points

Variable expressions and equations
H.1. Write variable expressions
H.2. Simplify variable expressions involving like terms
H.3. Simplify variable expressions involving the distributive property
H.4. Write variable equations
H.5. Does x satisfy the equation?
H.6. Find solutions from a replacement set
H.7. Solve equations using order of operations

Solve equations
J.1. Solve one-step linear equation
J.2. Solve two-step linear equation
J.3. Solve advanced linear equation
J.4. Solve equations with variables on both sides
J.5. Identities and equations with no solutions
J.6. Solve linear equations: word problems

Single-variable inequalities
K.1. Write inequalities from graphs
K.2. Identify solutions to inequalities
K.3. Solve one-step linear inequalities
K.4. Solve two-step linear inequalities
K.5. Solve advanced linear inequalities
K.6. Write compound inequalities from graphs
K.7. Solve compound inequalities

Absolute value equations and inequalities
L.1. Solve absolute value equations
L.2. Solve absolute value inequalities

M.1. Matrix vocabulary
M.2. Matrix operation rules
M.3. Add and subtract matrices
M.4. Multiply a matrix by a scalar
M.5. Multiply matrices

Data and graphs
N.1. Bar graphs
N.2. Line graphs
N.3. Histograms
N.4. Circle graphs

Number sequences
O.1. Arithmetic sequences
O.2. Arithmetic series
O.3. Geometric sequences
O.4. Geometric series

Q.1. Identify reflections, rotations, and translations
Q.2. Translations: graph the image
Q.3. Translations: find the coordinates
Q.4. Reflections: graph the image
Q.5. Reflections: find the coordinates
Q.6. Rotations: graph the image
Q.7. Rotations: find the coordinates
Q.8. Dilations: graph the image
Q.9. Dilations: find the coordinates
Q.10. Dilations: scale factor and classification
Q.11. Symmetry

Number sequences

R.1. Identify arithmetic and geometric sequences
R.2. Arithmetic sequences
R.3. Geometric sequences
R.4. Number sequences: word problems
R.5. Evaluate variable expressions for number sequences
R.6. Write variable expressions for arithmetic sequences

Variable expressions

S.2. Write variable expresions to represent diagrams
S.3. Identify terms and coefficients
S.4. Evaluate single-variable expressions
S.5. Evaluate multi-variable expressions
S.6. Add like terms
S.7. Subtract like terms
S.8. Simplify variable expressions

Single-variable equations

T.1. Solve equations involving squares and square roots
T.2. Solve equations involving like terms
T.3. Solve multi-step equations

Linear functions

U.1. Does (x.y) satisfy the linear equation?
U.2. Evaluate a linear function
U.3. Complete a function table
U.4. Write a rule for a function table
U.5. Find points on a function graph
U.6. Graph a line from a function table
U.7. Graph a line from an equation
U.8. Identify proportional relationship
U.9. Find the constant of variation from graph
U.10. Find the constant of variation from a table
U.11. Find the constant of variation: word problem
U.12. Linear function word problem
Find the slope of a graph
U.14. Find the slope from two points
U.15. Find the slope from an equation
U.16. Graph a line using slope
U.17. Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines
U.18. Find the slope of parallel lines
U.19. Find the slope of perpendicular lines

Nonlinear functions

V.1. Identify linear and nonlinear functions
V.2. Does (x,y) satisfy a nonlinear equation?
V.3. Evaluate a nonlinear function


W.1. Inequalities on number lines
W.2. Solutions to variable inequalities
W.3. Solve one-step linear inequalities
W.4. Solve two-step linear inequalities
W.5. Solve advanced linear inequalities

Monomials and polynomials

X.1. Identify monomials
Add polynomials
Subtract polynomials
X.4. Add polynomials to find perimeter
Multiply monomials
X.6. Divide monomials
X.7. Powers of monomials
X.8. Square and cube roots of monomials
X.9. Multiply polynomials
X.10. Multiply polynomials to find area


Y.1. Probability of simple events
Y.2. Probability of opposite (complementary) events
Y.3. Probability of mutually exclusive events
Y.4. Probability of events that are not mutually exclusive
Y.5. Experimental probability
Y.6. Make predictions
Y.7. Compound events: find the number of outcomes
Y.8. Identify independent and dependent events
Y.9. Probability of independent events
Y.10. Probability of dependent events
Y.11. Counting principle
Y.12. Factorials
Y.13. Permutations
Y.14. Combinations


Radical Expressions

Quadratic equations