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Maths Exercices

Evaluate a nonlinear function

To evaluate a function, or find a functional value, means to substitute a given value in the domain into the equation to find the corresponding element in the range.

Use the function f(x)=3|x-1| to find f(2)

To evaluate expressions with absolute value symbols, first simplify the quantity inside the absolute value symbols and take the absolute value. Then perform any other operations.

Plug x=2 into the function and simplify.

f(x) = 3|x-1|
f(2) = 3|2-1| Plug in x=2
f(2) = 3|1| Subtract
f(2) = 3(1) Take the absolute value
f(2) = 3 Multiply

Use the function f(x)=1+x2 to find f(2)

Plug x=2 into the function and simplify.

f(x) = 1+x2
f(2) = 1+22 Plug in x=2
f(2) = 1+4 Square
f(2) = 5 Add