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Maths Exercices
Compare and order integers
You can use a number line to orden integers:

The figure at the right is a number line.

When comparing numbers the order in which they are placed on the number line will determine if it is greater than or less than another number.

If a number is to the left of a number on the number line, it is less than the other number. If it is to the right then it is greater than that number.

a. Which is greater, -2 or 4?
On a number line, -2 is to the left of 4, so -2<4 or 4>-2.



b. Order these integers form least to greatest. 2, 1, -4, 0, 3, -2, -5
Think of these numbers on a number line in order form left (least) to right (greatest)

-5, -4, -2, 0, 1, 2, 3

Graph the numbers -1, 1, 3 on the number line. Order the numbers from smallest to greatest.

Find the point for each number on the number line and draw a dot.

The numbers from smallest to greatest are: -1, 1, 3