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Maths Exercices

Compare numbers written in scientific notation
To compare two numbers given in scientific notation, first compare the exponents. The one with the greater exponent will be greater. If the exponent is the same, compare the two numbers that are being multiplied by comparing their decimals.

Compare 6.23 x 1014 and 8.912 x 1012.

Since the exponent in the first number is greater than the exponent in the second number,
6.23x1014 is greater than 8.912x1012.

Which is greater, 5.15 x 10-4 or 6.35 x 10-5?

Since 4 is greater than 5, 5.15x104 is greater than 6.35x105.

Compare 3.28 x 1017 and 4.25 x 1017.

The exponents are both 17. So, we need to compare the numbers that are being multiplied. Since 4.25 is greater than 3.28, 4.25x1017 is greater than 3.28x1017.