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Maths Exercices

A prism is a solid with two opposite parallel and congruent bases joined by lateral faces.

A prism is described by the shape of its bases. For instance, a rectangular prism has bases that are rectangles, and a pentagonal prism has bases that are pentagons.

Triangular prism
Rectangular prism
Pentagonal prism

In a right prism, the lateral edges are perpendicular to the bases, while in an oblique prism, the lateral edges are not perpendicular to the bases.

Right Prism
Oblique Prism

Following are facts about prisms:

  • The bases are polygons such as triangles, squares etc.
  • The lateral faces are parallelograms.
  • The edges formed by lateral faces are parallel to each other.
  • The number of lateral faces is the same as the number of sides of the base.
  • The height is the perpendicular distance between the two bases.