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Maths Exercices

Identify terms and coefficients

The terms of an algebraic expression are those parts that are separated by addition or subtraction.

For example, the expression x2-3x+2 has three terms, x2, -3x, and 2.

Identify the terms of each algebraic expression.

a. x+5   b. 2x-6
c. 2m-3n+1   d. 1-3x

Algebraic expression Terms
a. x+5 x, 5
b. 2x-6 2x, -6
c. 2m-3n+1 2m, -3n, 1
d. 1-3x 1, -3x

For terms such as x2, -3x, and 2, the numerical factor is called the coefficient of the term. Here, the coefficient are 1, -3, and 2.

Identify the terms of each term.

a. -5x2   b. -x6
c.   d.

Term Coefficient
a. -5x2 - 5
b. -x6 -1